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Are You Nuts?

Are you nuts, Mommy? Just cuz you’re feeling better doesn’t mean I’m up for a 4 miler (there and back) walk through the neighborhood to see an open house. Even Daddy was smart enough to drive and meet us there. Then when he got there you put me in the car while you two went for a tour. I was all ready to ride home when you came back,  grabbed my leash and said, “Let’s walk home, Avy.”

RUNuts?Seriously? I watched as Daddy and the Subaru drove off into the sunset. Arf, art, art! Evilena doesn’t like it when one of the pack goes missing. You ought to know that by now. I knew Daddy’d come back and get us when you texted him pictures of me sitting in the middle of Oakdell Drive on my haunches. You thought my antics were funny. But let me tell you, if it weren’t for Daddy we’d still be standing in the middle of the street instead of you sitting comfy at home penning my post. Arf. Arf. Arf.

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SleepoverDaddy and Mommy are having a really big adventure this weekend. Mira’s staying over for her pre-birthday sleepover.

I’m not sure what that means yet. But things are different than when Mira’s normally here. Where’s Tessa, Mira’s sister? I can’t find her anywhere. (more…)

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Mommy Time

Avy Tails: Mommy Time

Avy Tale: Mommy Time

Sometimes I think Mommy thinks I’m the one who needs some lovin. But really it’s her. Daddy went off to do something quick this morning so we’re going to the puppy park late. Arf! So after Mommy settled in to the comfy chair in the family room with her licorice tea that’s supposed to support her lethargic adrenals, I came over for a pet. Then I sneakily crawled up onto her lap so I could give her kisses when she told me she loved me. And then I curled up for a bit and let her stroke my ears. Mommy time is good. Arf!


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Why Didn’t Someone Notice?

Ever wonder why someone does or doesn’t notice you? Remember those days on the playground when all you wanted was the cool girl to say something nice to you? Invite you to sit with her at lunch. (more…)

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Note to self

As Ed and I sat waiting in a lobby for a meeting today, I bemoaned my time-out from my MFA program.

“At the very least,” I said, “the program kept me writing.”

“Well,” Ed said, “maybe you should write a note to self: start writing.”

Note to self: Fresh Moleskine. Check. Start writing.


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