Mommy Time

Avy Tails: Mommy Time

Avy Tale: Mommy Time

Sometimes I think Mommy thinks I’m the one who needs some lovin. But really it’s her. Daddy went off to do something quick this morning so we’re going to the puppy park late. Arf! So after Mommy settled in to the comfy chair in the family room with her licorice tea that’s supposed to support her lethargic adrenals, I came over for a pet. Then I sneakily crawled up onto her lap so I could give her kisses when she told me she loved me. And then I curled up for a bit and let her stroke my ears. Mommy time is good.¬†Arf!


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  1. John Gould says:

    i like that your blog notifies me by email of your postings.

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