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Germans—The World’s Best Drivers

When I was ten, my family moved to Stuttgart, Germany. My father was a university professor and our family of four lived on a tight budget leaving little money to purchase the Audi, Mercedes or Porsche my brother and I dreamed about driving someday on the Autobahn. Typicallyautobahnsign on our road trips, my brother David and I sat facing backwards in our VW station wagon to warn my dad about oncoming cars when he dared to use the passing lane. One day we spied blinking headlights off in the distance. (more…)

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How Mommy Met Daddy!

Me AvyAs lore has it, while Mommy worked at Stanford Law School between 1995-1998 Daddy presented at the Directors’ College – some highfalutin executive education program Mommy managed. She loved her director’s title she had while working there. But I’m not sure she remembered Daddy. Her former boss, Joan, has reminded her that Daddy was one of the many presenters. Anyway, a year or so later, Mommy met Daddy again when she attended a “learn to meditate” course he taught. (Wish Mommy still practiced meditation!) That day during the lunch break, the two of them munched on sandwiches on the patio away from the other meditators. (more…)

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