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On The Banks of Plum Creek

These-Happy-Golden-Years-296376When I was in 7th grade and newly transplanted in Peoria, IL from Stuttgart, Germany, I spent hours losing myself in the world of the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her books were my constant companions. They helped me to drown away my pre-teen angst and homesickness for Germany. I particularly loved, These Happy Golden Years. I loved it so much I wrote an inscription in it to myself. One day a classmates grabbed These Happy Golden Years from my desk in Mrs. Schmidt’s English class, flipped it open and laughed at my inscription when she read it out loud: (more…)

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In The Loo

Two days ago I traveled from Angel Fire (AF), NM to Oakland. Not an easy trip. Best case scenario, a 3-hour drive from AF to Albuquerque (ABQ), followed by a 2.5 hour flight. Construction along the way caused the need for me to drive 90-mph hour from Santa Fe to ABQ, which stressed me out. Further unmentionable events ensued on the way to gate A5, and my bad-travel day culminated with an elderly woman I tried to scoot around in the isle of the plane while boarding saying to me, (more…)

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