In The Loo

Two days ago I traveled from Angel Fire (AF), NM to Oakland. Not an easy trip. Best case scenario, a 3-hour drive from AF to Albuquerque (ABQ), followed by a 2.5 hour flight. Construction along the way caused the need for me to drive 90-mph hour from Santa Fe to ABQ, which stressed me out. Further unmentionable events ensued on the way to gate A5, and my bad-travel day culminated with an elderly woman I tried to scoot around in the isle of the plane while boarding saying to me, “F-You Lady.” Without editing, I replied, “F-YOU,” and sat down behind her. While I was taken aback by our abrasiveness, I found the outburst refreshing. Two ladies expressing their feelings. She must be from New York City or Chicago I chuckled to myself and pulled out my journal to scratch out my anger, which had boiled over my edges. Still a bit shaken when I arrived in Oakland, I made my way to the Loo. Tissue laid out on the seat, I sat down, sighed, and looked up at the stall wall. While I don’t condone graffiti, I so appreciated this artwork etched with a fine-point ink pen. Here here, I thought. Beauty in my day. And cheers to finding the courage to express oneself.

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