We’re Moving

Nuzzling MommyMommy’s been warning me lately that my life’s about to change. And she hopes I can adapt.

But I didn’t get the drift until our Big Family Outing to San Francisco today.

Let me explain.

Last month on a lark (not like the birds I chase around the yard), Mommy and Daddy bought a two-bedroom, two-story loft in San Francisco and are selling the house in Menlo Park.

While this will be exciting, as I imagined while walking with Mommy and Daddy to the Puppy Park located along side the Bay Bridge off Beale Street and Bryant, I’m gathering Mommy’s the one who’s gonna have to adapt the most. Mommy and Daddy are losing their respective offices for this move. And while I’m losing my gargantuan yard I like to frolic in, I’m a dog. Dogs adapt. Arf. Arf. Mommy’s not so adaptable. I’m worried about Mommy. She can be a bit territorial, likes her alone time, and gets cranky when her life gets interrupted.

I’m also worried because I’ve heard Mommy call San Francisco a “town,” and wax poetic about how Chicago is the best City in the ENTIRE world. Nothing compares. That’s why she’s lived so long in Menlo Park. That, and Kepler’s and Books Inc.

Anyway, I know Mommy can see beyond her narrow-mindedness. It will just take a bit of time, and some kvetching that Daddy and I will have to put up with. Arf.

But bottom line I know Mommy’ll adapt because she and Daddy picked a spectacular pad with a terrace that I’ll be able to take a late night pee pee on (the terrace came with a hose, there’s drainage for rain, and according to Mommy and Daddy Amazon sells plots of puppy pee pee grass.). Arf. Arf. Arf.

And more than a spectacular pad and urban view, Mommy loves Daddy and me. She’ll follow us anywhere. And like that quote Mommy keeps on the sink in the master bathroom, all you need in life is love and a dog.


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