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Happy Birthday to Me

Just Me

I’m 3-years Old

I had to cut Mommy some slack today when at 7:30 pm she finally remembered today’s my birthday. “Oh,” Mommy gasped as Daddy brought the Thai food delivery through the door. “It’s Avy’s 3rd birthday.” Guilt ridden she and Daddy launched into a very nice chorus of Happy Birthday Avy Baby. Oh thank Dog… (more…)

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Free Wind Is Blowin Thru My Ears


Cuz the free wind is blowin through my ears…

Today was the best day driving back and forth to Capitola with Mommy for her doctors appointment. Mommy told me we might go to the beach, but alas. We ran out of time. But that’s okay cuz I got to pee and poo in new spots. When I do my business in new and unfamiliar surroundings, Mommy always gets so impressed. Oh,… I better remind Mommy to toss that poo bag in the door of the car. She’s so respectful of other people’s garbage cans. Mommy likes to think of herself as “the roll model” for polite puppy parents. (more…)

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