Free Wind Is Blowin Thru My Ears


Cuz the free wind is blowin through my ears…

Today was the best day driving back and forth to Capitola with Mommy for her doctors appointment. Mommy told me we might go to the beach, but alas. We ran out of time. But that’s okay cuz I got to pee and poo in new spots. When I do my business in new and unfamiliar surroundings, Mommy always gets so impressed. Oh,… I better remind Mommy to toss that poo bag in the door of the car. She’s so respectful of other people’s garbage cans. Mommy likes to think of herself as “the roll model” for polite puppy parents.

I was so joyous while Mommy was driving up and over HWY 17. One because Mommy relayed that everyone was driving so nicely today. A Mid-westerner at heart, Mommy doesn’t hold high regard for California drivers in rain. It was raining and foggy at the top of HWY 17. But the real reason I was joyous was because the free wind was blow-in through my ears, the day surrounded my daylight there. Seasons cryin no despair…. doo dee doo. Unfortunately Mommy doesn’t have that America tune on her iPod. Instead we listened to Levelland by James McMurtry. Mommy LOVES him and his Where’d You Hide the Body album. She particularly adores the Levelland song. The first time the song came on as we zoomed past Los Gatos on our way was really nice. I wasn’t quite sure what Mommy was doing when she reached forward and tapped a button that said “repeat.” I figured it out when that song continued to play for the rest of our entire road trip. When Mommy noticed my perturb-edness watching me in the rearview mirror, she regaled me with how she listened to the Dave Matthews Band (DMB for those in the know) original Live at Red Rocks 2-disc CD for six years. Count them – SIX years. Can you imagine. Apparently Mommy gets a band stuck in her head and lets it take up residence there. Well, now Mommy’s obsession appears to have moved on to James and Levelland. She sings loudly to this part of the lyrics:

Mama used to roll her hair
Back before the central air
We’d sit outside and watch the stars at night
She’d tell me to make a wish
I’d wish we both could fly
Don’t think she’s seen the sky
Since we got the satellite dish…

You’d have had to have been in the car with me to get the full affect of Mommy singin do do do do do do do, nurrr, nurrr, nurrr to the guitar solos. It’s something to watch. Her antics made me wonder if they teach steering wheel guitar in driving school.


Cool Cat

Anyway, we saw the coolest cat prancing around on the truck Mommy parked next to in the doctors office parking lot. I sat on the far side of the back seat watching her through the window. That cat has a raucous meow. I thought maybe she might be a little like Murphy, who’s living in her swanky digs in our barn in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I don’t like kitty cats much because of Murphy. Murphy likes to hiss and lash out at me with her claws. I had a suspicion that that little feline Mommy tried to convince me was cute might have a propensity for swinging her paws with her claws extended.

Now we’re home and Mommy’s reading my prolific-ness to me all impressed with what a writer I am. And I’m frolicking around the house and yard enjoying our day of intermittent sunshine. No more raindrops for me, please. Arf. Arf.

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