Happy Birthday to Me

Just Me

I’m 3-years Old

I had to cut Mommy some slack today when at 7:30 pm she finally remembered today’s my birthday. “Oh,” Mommy gasped as Daddy brought the Thai food delivery through the door. “It’s Avy’s 3rd birthday.” Guilt ridden she and Daddy launched into a very nice chorus of Happy Birthday Avy Baby. Oh thank Dog… Then Mommy reached into the treat drawer and pulled out a miniature dragon Greenie. Yum. Yum. Greenies are good for Puppy teeth.

Can't Wait Till Mommy Takes Me Home

Me while I still lived in the litter

Like I said, I had to cut Mommy some slack. She and Daddy are still moving stuff out off the other house, and Mommy caught a head cold yesterday. She’s not feeling well. But thankfully she felt well enough to dig up some of my 1st year Puppy pictures. Aren’t they glorious? And¬†tonight before I go to bed I’ll ask¬†Mommy to tell me the story of how I chose her and Daddy, and how I named myself.

Don't Mess with my toy

Me soon after Mommy brought me home. I don’t like to share.

See, it could have been one of those puppy-litter-selection-close calls. Daddy told Mommy she could choose “the puppy” on that fateful day because a new puppy was Mommy’s birthday present. Tenderly she picked up one of my brothers. She likes to tell me he was cute but didn’t “feel right.” So she plopped him back down in the litter and snatched me up. I knew right away I wanted Mommy. I felt so warm and cuddly in her sweatered arms. So I snuggled in, and whispered my name to Mommy – Avy. And then… I peed on her cashmere sweater, and promptly fell asleep.

When I peed on Mommy

Me in Mommy’s sweatered arms after I pee peed.

Mommy likes to recount to Daddy, from time to time, how she was astounded when she heard me cosmically whisper my name to her. And it was the pee pee thing that sealed the deal for Mommy. She thought that was precious. And now three years later I’m a happy puppy living with my Mommy and Daddy in our new condo in San Francisco.

Mommy Me

Mommy and Me always have so much fun.

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.

Arf. Arf.

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