My Night with the Ames Police

A dispatch from Ames Citizen Police Academy training.

We’re packin’ heat

It’s late. Closing in on 3 am and I’m sitting in Officer Ashley’s SUV. A half hour ago we sped down Duff Ave at 80 mph, and then down HWY 30 heading towards Boone clocking over a 100 mph.

“You like this job ‘cuz you get to drive fast,” I said.

“It’s definitely better driving at night than during the afternoon shift,” she replied holding the steering wheel with her left hand and the walkie-talkie thingy with her right.

The SUV is now stuck facing down the highway embankment, lights shining towards the hill the motorcyclist ran off towards. He’d slid off the highway, a motorist reported to dispatch. She’d tried to help but he was drunk and belligerent.

My job, lock the doors and stay in the car.

My job: Lock the doors and stay in the car!

This has been a busy night on my Citizen Police Academy (CPA) ride-along. Ashley and my shift has covered the gambit. A harassment call involving a female student against another female student. A call for assistance for an elderly man who needed medical assistance and a ride to Mary Greeley. The EMTs and firemen came just like they do on Chicago Fire. A potential suicide call that we transported to Mary Greeley willingly. It seems the symptoms exhibited might be early signs of schizophrenia. A drunkard on University who barfed after we transported him to holding. Then a call on Main Street where we walked around to the bars in hot pursuit of a short male in jeans and a white t-shirt. Seems he bit a dancer at the “Dangerous Curve” bar. Who knew Ames has a titty, oops “dance bar.” The interview with the lady bite victim was delayed for our hot pursuit for Drunk Motorcycle Crash Guy. The Boone County PD have arrived with the search dog. Ashley reported back that the motorcycle is totaled. I’d really like a picture of it – evidence – but I’m following orders and staying in the car.

Had to be towed back from this.

Earlier this evening I was hesitant to go on my CPA ride-along ride. Scared actually. But came anyway carting along a few items in a fanny pack. My iPhone, a small notebook and pen, lipstick, my drivers license, and 60 bucks which came in handy at the Kum and Go when I bought a bottle of water and a snack. Ashley missed lunch and dinner and bought a slice of pizza. I was glad for the stop because I’d decided not to bring fluids incase I had to pee. Ashley said we’d stop if I needed the Loo. Now I wonder what if they don’t find Drunk Motorcycle Crash Guy? The dog is busy dragging the officers through the woods, and over a fence. It’s 3:25. I’m starting to worry. There’s no Loo out here. ?? But Ashley just informed me that the Safe Neighborhood team are on their way to bring me back to my car at HQ. Sigh! No dance victim statement for me.

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