Ames Woods Photo Essay

Today Miss Avy and I went on a hike in a wooded area in Ames. I’m loathe to say where as we encountered only a mom and her son, who delighted in petting Avy’s nose.

Avy’s good with little kids.

The only noises we heard were the occasional bird chirps and chipmunks clicking. What a marvel the woods were. Leaves mostly fallen, moist, ready to wither and mingle with the rich dark soil.

Ahhh. Did me good to walk behind Miss Avy as she sniffed her way ahead of me.

Enjoy the Ames Woods with Avy and Me

Rustic bridge, over what?

Mossy tree stump adds a pop of bright green to the fall neutrals.

C’mon Mom!

More surprising green, hidden on the forest floor.

Corn field after the harvest.

Missed ear of corn, left to the woodland creatures.

Winter is coming.

Natural arch. Doorway to a faerie realm?

Another bridge. Avy says, “Look, there’s water down there! Can we go investigate?”


Another surprising, bright note in the beige and brown woods.

Avy’s sweet ride awaits.

Lone pumpkin. Awaiting mice for horses so it can take Cinderella to the ball?

A beautiful fall day in the Ames Woods.


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