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Coming Soon…

  • What it was like writing a draft memoir in Ellen Sussman’s Novel/Memoir in a Year class with no clear idea of what I was writing about.

    Ellen and me 1:8:2017

    I drove through pelting rain to turn my draft in to Ellen a day early

  • A writing tip that embellished my writing from Hope Edelman’s, Memoir: Step by Step workshop

    Hope Edelman Class Gals

    Hope’s fearless writers. All of us traveled to Madeline Island, which is situated in Lake Superior. We had a marvelous time.

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I Talked My Memoir to Death—Now What?


My desk at the Mechanics Institute Patiently Awaiting My Return

This year, 2016, is the year I have committed to write. To goad myself into it, I signed up for best-selling author, Ellen Sussman’s Novel/Memoir in a Year class. I’ve studied writing with Ellen for years—since 2008 when I first met her at Kepler’s in Menlo Park, California. After her reading for the publication of Bad Girls—26 Writers Misbehave, she mentioned to the audience at Kepler’s that she taught classes in her living room at her then-home in Los Altos. Ellen inspires me. A passionate and gifted teacher of writing, she has spunk, and a dry sense of humor I attribute to Trenton, New Jersey where she grew up. As she signed my copy of Bad Girls, I begged myself into her ten-week novel critique class, even though I was writing a memoir. (more…)

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Life Happens


Dad & Me April 2013 at John Deere Museum in Moline, IL

In February when I sent my invitation to announce my forthcoming Writer’s News newsletter, I thought it’d be a week or two before I hit the send button. But as I worked with my web-team to get the look and feel “just right” and every word perfect, February turned into March, and March ran into April. Then life tossed me a curveball on April 15th. My brother called to tell me that our dad had been admitted to Methodist hospital in Peoria, IL. Dad’s house cleaner had found him doubled over on the couch. His symptoms, a bowel obstruction caused by scar tissue from a 20-year-old surgery. Conveniently I was in in the Midwest instead of California and drove to Peoria the next day. When Dad went in to surgery four days later, it hadn’t occurred to my brother, sister-in-law and I that he would be dead 18 days later. (more…)

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An Interview With Tracy Guzeman

Tracy and I met four or five years ago in a weekly writing class hosted by New York Times bestselling author Ellen Sussman. In her class, Tracy’s short stories sounded like they came to her with effortless ease, and the class participants loved them. I found myself a bit envious of her writing, but I admired her tenacity to produce stories by consistently sitting her butt in a chair to write. Somehow, even with a job, Tracy always wrote.Tracy Guzeman

When I learned that Tracy’s book The Gravity of Birds was to be published in July 2013, I was thrilled. Success of fellow writers is inspiring. (more…)

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