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Mommy’s Got It Under Control

Off to the Puppy Park with Mommy

Off to the Puppy Park with Mommy

Daddy left for Angel Fire this morning. To train Mommy for my “every-other-day” romps at the Puppy Park while he’s gone, Daddy took us there last week.

“The park’s not as crowded at 8 am,” he assured Mommy. “The Border Collies don’t come till 9. Puppy Parents are better behaved and more attentive to their dogs. It’s a nice group of people,” Daddy said. “The other dogs don’t interest Avy like they did last year. Just toss her the ball. If she runs after affray of dogs, throw the ball in the opposite direction. She’ll follow it and YOU.” (more…)

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On The Road to Positive Thinking with The Reluctant RAGBRAI Biker

RAGBRAI COUNTDOWN: 46 days, 11 hours, 32 minutes, and 14 seconds…

on my bikeYesterday riding my road bike on the Alpine/Portola Valley loop and trailing behind Ed, I sifted through my thoughts to find good ones. Positive, inspiring thoughts that would keep me company as I labored against a headwind, and a cross wind that almost knocked me over. Crappy thoughts don’t help with perseverance. (more…)

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